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Biology lessons 101

Elena Melanson

Story about:desire, biology teacher, love and passion

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 01 Mar 7 pages

Publication: 29.02.2020 — ...

Description of book "Biology lessons 101"

What would if handsome biology teacher approached you two years after you graduated from high school you both had feelings for eachother. Would you creeped out or would accept his advances.  what would happen if you had dreams of him. ans starts to fantasies of kissing, hold him, even make love to him. this what happened when dana lynn did when visiting her medical school dropout turned high biology school whom she could shake off the thought of when she graduated asuming that the handsome guy was married. when she visited he started to hit on her and then she confesssled her love for him. then they make make love for her first time as a was saving for the slim.handsom guy in the lab coat. will her romantic dreams come true.or will this be a one time fling
between her and James Count
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