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Book. "Birth of a Wishing Heart" read online
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#158 in Dark fantasy
#90 in Suspense

On Hold: 21 Oct 5 pages

Publication: 21.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Birth of a Wishing Heart"

When Grizelda was a child she vowed she'd keep her sister from falling victim to the family's curse that came directly from the gods. When she's unable to keep that promise she vows to free the world from its bloodlust by finding a wishing heart and using it to release it back to the gods.
When a wishing heart by the name of Gree is born she quickly learns she is being hunted. If the curse is set free their world may just collapse. Hidden and disadvantaged young Gree must find a way to win against Grizelda, and the trail of destruction the curse brings with it.

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