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Black as the Forest (all the Hounds of Hell, Book 1)

Lyv Aiken

Series: All the Hounds of Hell

Story about:werewolf, sexyromance, kidnapped

Age restriction: 18+

416 7793

#85 in Paranormal Romance
#9 in Urban fantasy

Complete 227 pages

Publication: 07.10.2020 — 03.07.2021

Description of book "Black as the Forest (all the Hounds of Hell, Book 1)"

Eveline is from a wealthy family and has been jet-setting as an ambassador for her older brother’s werewolf pack, and is learning of the responsibilities that come with the name Devon and the reality of being the infamous Hellhound’s sister. Darren is the fourth son of an Alpha who has more sons than he knows what to do with, and is a little adrift in life.
None of them would have expected to find their mate at a political meetup of all the who’s who or werewolf society, and are forced to reconsider their future, the distance seperating them, and their families, but those challenges are nothing compared to war and disaster coming their way.


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Lyv Aiken
19.06.2021, 13:36:32

Black as the Forest is getting a new and improved update. It being republished twice a day until early July. I hope you like it. Also, the update for A Blood-Like Rain is coming soon. And don't miss out of Kingdom of the Wyldes getting its first publication right now. You can check those out, and of course, leave a follow, like, and comment. It really makes a huge difference for me. Thanks.

Lyv Aiken
03.09.2021, 14:41:43

Lyv Aiken, The update is completed.

05.06.2021, 08:26:03

I couldn't stop. I ended up binging the whole thing in a single sitting. I thought the whole thing with the earthquake was intense, but what happened in Ireland was even more so. I was gripping my seat the whole way. I couldn't even allow myself a break to eat something. I loved it. Worth every second spent on this. I can't wait to start the next book, but I'm worried. If it's as intense as this one, I don't know how I'll be able to have a normal life until I finish it all. I'm really happy I discovered this. Now I have to sleep like a normal human being. It's hard to believe I binged this book in one day. Thank you for this experience. It might go on my reread list of the future. It was that good.

Lyv Aiken
06.06.2021, 21:21:15

Marisha, Thank you so much Marisha. Your comments really cheers me up.

05.06.2021, 03:52:20

I must say that it's refreshing to see a love story where both lovers are not toxic, or abusing one another. they're not perfect either, but they're relationship goal. It's actually surprisingly hard to find this in romance novels these days, sadly. I love Eva and Darren's dynamic. They truly care about one another. But I must make a confession. The Hellhound is my favourite character by far. I have a thing for badasses.

05.06.2021, 04:13:58

Lyv Aiken, Can't wait to reach the end.

05.06.2021, 03:45:16

Okay, someone told me that I really had to check this book out. I thought "It can't be that good", well, I was wrong. I thought I'd just read a chapter or two to get the feel of things. Hours later, I'm halfway through and I love it. It's awesome and I can't put this down. Just thought to let you know, great job Lyv, Definitively worth a read.

Lyv Aiken
05.06.2021, 03:58:47

Lolll. Yeah, I’m planning for this to be quite long actually, but now book 3 as begun publications so you have at least somethings to read for a little while.

05.12.2020, 01:03:34

I really found a hidden gem with this one

Lyv Aiken
05.12.2020, 01:24:31

Kataleya, Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

Jian Xi
24.11.2020, 18:21:57

So many things going on, in so little time. this could have been so much longer and I would have enjoyed every second of it.

Lyv Aiken
24.11.2020, 18:25:50

Jian Xi, I'm so glad to hear. And don't worry, there will be plenty of other books in this series

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