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Book. "Black Infantry" read online

Black Infantry

Антон Данко

Story about:faith, hope, life

3 120

#94 in Historical Romance

Complete 68 pages

Publication: 05.07.2022 — 05.07.2022

Description of book "Black Infantry"

The historical of age-old confrontation with enemies in the struggle for statehood and independence of Ukraine passes through every Ukrainian up to this time. Multicolored threads of fate were woven into family threads, which all together, intertwining, wove their yellow-blue canvas of the Ukrainian state. Generation after generation, Ukrainians shed blood for the opportunity to live in their state, for the future of their children, for their existence.
Ukraine blossomed like a red viburnum after the collapse of the Soviet empire. But each berry is blood shed for one's land, for one's Cossack lineage, for the will and opportunity to live independently. The Soviet Empire firmly held Ukraine in its "arms" both when the German hordes advanced on its land from the West, and in peacetim


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