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Mister E

Story about:romance, vampire, boxing

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Description of book "Blackmail"

"Send the money or i'll post them." Was a threat Anna had to deal with 4 times until now, all because she wanted some love.

But, her fate changed when a heavy weight boxer happened to walk by in a rather uncomfortable scene, apparently he has some unique abilities and killed the Blackmailer.

She didn't know how to thank him, he didn't want anything in return. She got to know a bit more of his secrets, and is now pledged to pay him back by keeping his secret with her until death shall reach.

The Blackmailer died after that night, right? No! The next day he texted, "You can't get rid of me, I'm going to make your life a living nightmare."

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Monica Spener 23.09.2019, 13:46:58

will you publish more?

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Mister E 23.09.2019, 16:27:25

I'm currently working on 5 projects. But yes i will try my best to update.

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