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Bleed my Love

Sarah Shaw

Story about:love at first sight, love betrayal, brothers

Age restriction: 18+

21 148

#5437 in Romance
#905 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 21 Apr 50 pages

Publication: 13.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Bleed my Love"

Anabelle Afio
I never wanted this life, all I wanted was to live my life how I wanted. Guess what we are not always lucky but I learned it that hard way.
Leonardo Ambrogio
She thinks she is above me, looking at me like I am dirt on her high heel shoe?!
News flash baby! if you want to play, know this I am the master of this game.
Little did they know their life turns upside down, decision crumbles, patience cracks.
Read next to know what happens.
I don't know how he managed to enter my home at this hour but the current situation was not helping much, I was just in my nightshirt and his presence and his presence in my room gave me a sickening feeling.

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Nambasa Anita
15.12.2020, 06:26:03

Please update this story it looks intriguing

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