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Blissful Marriage


Story about:revenge and love, a marriage that survived hardship

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Blissful Marriage "

Adams and Rose a young couple who got married without any love, faces the crisis of marriage and destruction of life.
Will they survive this hardship?
We will get to know that eventually.

Adams a 27years old multi-billionaire CEO is asked by his family to marry Rose, a 22years old adorable lady from the Williams family. He agreed to his parents request and got married to Rose, Anabel his previous fiancee comes back to claim her man after learning the truth.
She schemes severally against Rose who was obviously young and didn't have the heart of young master of the Wills family.
Anabel, eventually succeeded in her schemes and Adams kicked Rose out of his home for bringing disgrace to him.
Even after so much pleading and stating again and again that she didn't do anything.....


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Vivian Chinwe
22.09.2020, 14:58:23

Nice story....keep it up.
I want to see Adams and Rose fall in love oh!

Tessy Christo
21.09.2020, 12:18:39

Can't wait for the couple to start living together.

Tessy Christo
19.09.2020, 19:14:07

Wow!... I love this.. So amazing

20.09.2020, 23:23:16

Tessy Christo, thank you, we have uploaded today.

Tessy Christo
19.09.2020, 19:15:02

Wow!!!... I love this

20.09.2020, 23:22:36

Tessy Christo, thank you, we have updated today.

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