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Book. "Blizzards, in them shadows and a silver mace" read online

Blizzards, in them shadows and a silver mace

Mariya Evtushenko

Series: Who are demons and where do they come from

Story about:adventure, vampire, very sensual and emotional

Age restriction: 18+

147 2271

#40 in Erotic Supernatural
#231 in Dark fantasy

Complete 91 pages

Publication: 31.05.2022 — 08.08.2022

Description of book "Blizzards, in them shadows and a silver mace"

About the price of a drop of blood, or how not to get lost in the dark.
Trapper Eve needs to complete a task. For help, she turns to the mysterious ruler of Niphelem. But will he agree to cooperate with the one who is feared and venerated even by the immortals? And most importantly, what will he demand in return?
In the text: light erotic scenes, foul language, author's races.


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