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Blood Slave To Empress

Moumita Dutta

Story about:werewolves, vampire prince and human girl, wizards and witches

465 41254

#17 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 216 pages

Publication: 28.02.2021 — 01.05.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Blood Slave To Empress"

Grace Martins never believed in dark and cold creatures. But her family seemed to take a lot of interest in them who stayed hidden behind the deep, dangerous forest. Especially her grandmother, who used to tell her about how Grace was born to save their family and then used to shed tears staring at the woods.

Grace never understood her grandmother's words until her 18th birthday when a carriage appeared to pick her up from the royal castle.

But she wasn't going to be a princess. Grace was fated to be a blood slave for the Royal Vampire Prince Earl since she was born.

Though Grace was supposed to be a Blood Slave, she still fell in love with Earl.

Was it even possible for a human and a vampire to fall for each other? Which turn their destiny would take if they decide to love each other


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