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Ongoing: 28 Mar 38 pages

Publication: 08.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Blood Wolf"

Daisy, after realizing that if she wants to be a good enough Luna for Victor she has to become stronger. This made her train herself in every way she could, she also set to learn more about the WERE world in general. But what are this strange dream she has been having these days, what secret is hidden about The Blood Wolf? Do they even really know what it means to be a Blood Wolf. According to what Daisy read about, Blood Wolf are more terrifying than the Luca she knows. Is he not the real Blood Wolf or is there more to Luca? In the journey of fighting the Council members and hunters with their experiments WERES, how much will they discover of the world they live in and the danger it carries. In romance and friendship, theirs bound to be a test of loyalty.


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Tanya Jaiswal
27.09.2021, 21:50:55

Hi I have just found this book when will you be updating it??

Hadia Noori
08.09.2021, 06:41:07

hey...when you are going to update the book. I have read the previous book and I am looking forward to it. Please update it soon

Onome Gift
29.06.2021, 22:02:03

Wow... Basith. Thanks a lot

Mohammed Basith
27.06.2021, 18:23:10

wow just read ur previous book and now i am here

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