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Blood Wolf

Hira Baig

Story about:werewolf, mate, alpha wolf inlove with a human

Age restriction: 18+

27 116

#35 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy
#69 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 19 Apr 23 pages

Publication: 14.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Blood Wolf "

I have seen women worshipping their beauty. I have seen them obsessing over their beauty. But for me, my beauty was a curse. I remember my dad whispering in my ear that I was born to be the leader of the pack. But then my life turned upside down the day my parents died.

All my life, I had prayed for two things only. I asked God to give me my wolf. And I asked God to make my mate find me soon. But none of my prayers were answered. I didn't want to lose my hope. But I didn't have anything to hold on to. I was lonely and just a mere human in front of a whole bunch of werewolves. My name is Zenobia Miller. And I am about to tell you a story that is not a fairytale. It's a horror story.

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Madukaife Chidiogo
17.04.2022, 21:32:39

lovely just started reading and eagerly waiting for your update soon thanks

Hira Baig
18.04.2022, 13:15:49

Madukaife Chidiogo, Thank you :)

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