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Story about:vampires revenge, romance love, betrayal

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Description of book "Bloodline."

Vampires are evil mythological monsters roaming around the world with their human or animal form to suck the blood of their victims, depends on their bloodline. The higher bloodline is the rulers they have everything. while the other bloodlines are the competitors who are staying close to kill the ruler.

Pureblood are the rulers, they fought for their lives to rule the whole clan of vampires, but traitors are everywhere they'll stab you behind your back and love you in front, be careful who you trust for.

Betrayal, an enemy cause to emotionally impact to take revenge. Revenge a form of loving yourself more and trust no one. Bloodline will have made you realize the importance of everything, from the author of "Behind Sofia" let's not confused ourselves because of our wicked thoughts.

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G A Rosell
02.04.2021, 19:44:24

Hello, I love your story. I have added you to my list of authors to follow, can you do the same for me? So we can build a community of writers and we can follow each other in our literary career.
I hope to read more of your story.

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