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Blue Boy Pink Girl

Didi Den

Story about:80s, diverity, discoveryourself

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Description of book "Blue Boy Pink Girl"

In the early 80's a group of high school seniors try to figure out who they want to become with all the pressure of growing up.
Cassy and Carter both know who they want to be, but the problem lies with the spoiled boarding school they attended, and their parents already had plans for them already. It up to them to either embrace themselves or succumb to the pressure of fitting in.

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Heather 04.02.2020, 13:07:25

I'm hooked

Pauletta Attaway 25.12.2019, 12:18:42

when can I download it complete?

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 26.12.2019, 18:40:51

Pauletta Attaway, I plan to finish the entire book by the end of January of the new year.

Marie Thomas 04.12.2019, 00:25:28

maybe Cassandra has a secret admirer?

Alexis Danford 03.12.2019, 13:32:32

waiting too long for your updates:(

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 03.12.2019, 22:01:10

Alexis Danford, Sorry, I'm on break now, so I have more time to write. But I thankful you're still reading.

Dennis Norman 01.09.2019, 20:00:41

I´m touched by this

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 03.09.2019, 17:39:19

Dennis Norman, This warms my heart

Tiffany Kole 02.09.2019, 16:21:05

I want to read more!!

Miri Golden 31.08.2019, 13:04:17

I'm enjoying it

Dean Peters 14.08.2019, 00:20:07

Really like it so far. Keep it going

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 15.08.2019, 15:52:07

Thank you so much

Rodrigo Crespo 13.07.2019, 23:28:28


Michelle Shelburn 03.07.2019, 12:14:21

continue it

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 04.07.2019, 06:32:04

I will

Roza Csergo 03.07.2019, 00:22:54

Hi. You chose an interesting time period for your story.
In the '80 people had a very conservative mindset.
I'm curious how this story unfolds.
I added it to my library and I followed you.
Happy writing.

The last comment in the thread:

Didi Den 04.07.2019, 06:31:17

Thank you I really appreciate the support especially since this my first one uploaded here

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