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Book 2 forbidden series :arabian slave


Story about:
a playboy prince


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Ongoing: 24 Jun 6 pages

Publication: 20.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Book 2 forbidden series :arabian slave "

A story about zyan a saudi Arabian playboy prince who falls hopelessly in love with a palace slave .there will be twists and turns but will his love for her be enough!!!

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Ikish Purple 24.06.2020, 16:48:54

Author please update

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Ikish Purple 26.06.2020, 05:00:32

EchantedElla, my pleasure Author really can't wait to read further

Spartalooz 25.06.2020, 23:06:10


coral harewood 25.06.2020, 03:29:58

love it more episodes please

coral harewood 23.06.2020, 16:14:20

some more episodes please

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EchantedElla 24.06.2020, 20:01:57

coral harewood, I will thanks

EchantedElla 23.06.2020, 12:34:19

please while you are viewing please like and follow ,it serves as encouragement to the writer thanks

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