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Born Enemies


Story about:friendship, enemies, comrades

Age restriction: 18+

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#104 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy
#67 in Action thriller

On Hold: 11 Jan 118 pages

Publication: 06.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Born Enemies "

They were born of two rival clans who for several hundred years, only saw each other as enemies until the heirs of each clan are thrown into a situation where they must form a temporary alliance of peace for the sake of survival. Through this, they began to slowly get to know each other for who they are and not for the hatred that brewed between their families for many years. However, the clans and responsibility as heirs soon test just how far they are willing to go and how much they are willing to sacrifice to keep their allowance they made to each other alive without falling under the pressure of their families.


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G A Rosell
05.04.2021, 13:34:59

Hello, I love your story. I have added you to my list of authors to follow, can you do the same for me? So we can build a community of writers and we can follow each other in our literary career.
I read your story can you read mine as return? Thank U.
I hope to read more of your story.

07.04.2021, 22:10:36

G A Rosell, thank you!! I will look you up!

Tabitha Mutashi
08.03.2021, 10:03:36

Nice story

09.03.2021, 04:32:43

Tabitha Mutashi, thank you so much :) Do not hesitate to continue sharing your opinions.

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