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Bound by the Billionaire

Noemi Betancourt

Story about:interracial love, office romance, billionaire love

Age restriction: 18+

31 118

#2005 in Billionaires
#488 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 16 Dec 21 pages

Publication: 19.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Bound by the Billionaire"

Graciela Salazar dropped everything to follow her fiance back to his native England but a week before the wedding she finds him in bed with another woman! Having sworn off men for good she can't help but fall for her sweet and sexy coworker. However, the same instincts that told Graciela to postpone the wedding are also telling her there's more to the bookish Henry than meets the eye.

Henry Barlow is just a mild-mannered office clerk who keeps his head down and minds his own business. At least that's the ruse his coworkers believe in order to fulfill his grandfather's dying wish to learn the business from the bottom up so he can take the conglomerate over. But when Gracie gets jilted his feelings for her threaten to blow his cover. What will happen when she learns his true identity?


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