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Tam V

Story about:family secrets, love and mystery, werewolf alpha and mate

Age restriction: 18+

37 348

#698 in Paranormal Romance
#1960 in Fantasy

On Hold: 15 May 67 pages

Publication: 05.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Bounded"

Lacey always knew that she was different, but she didn't know how different she was until she and her best friend Ella went off to college and met their new house mate named Hazel.
Hazel and her friends have a big secret that might destroy Lacey or guide her into something that could change history.
Stumbling upon a family secret and starting a war between a family she has never known and a family she had created for herself.
Being born to become something great or tragic was never anything Lacey could never imagine how life would be like going to college.
Will she follow her heart or her head when it comes down to the one fighting for her attention in the middle of a war?


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Ilona Hoasis Kaulga
29.10.2020, 03:28:49

please update, I love it and I can't wait

Tam V
04.11.2020, 21:32:09

Ilona Hoasis Kaulga, I see your other comment disappeared, it said it has been deleted. What did you say?

Ilona Hoasis Kaulga
03.11.2020, 11:37:02

Comment has been deleted

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