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Breaking the rules

Хелен Полсі

Story about:romantic, badboygoodgirl, teenlove

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Ongoing: 25 Apr 106 pages

Publication: 10.04.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Breaking the rules "

Seventeen-year-old Fatum Lavender is the daughter of rich parents, an honor student and a beauty...
She is dating the most popular boy in school, and after graduation she is already prepared for a place in one of the most prestigious universities at the Faculty of Law...
It would seem that what else would an ordinary teenager dream of? But... It wasn't all rosy...
More and more often Faith began to think that her life did not belong to her. Her parents' excessive control was becoming more and more of a pressure... One day, after convincing her mother and father to let her go to a party, Faith had no idea that it would change her life...
Faith will face a choice: to continue living according to her parents' script or take a risk and, breaking the rules, fight for what she herself wants...


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