Book. "Bride of the Ice Dragon" read online

Bride of the Ice Dragon

Catherine Vostroff

Story about:adventure, forbidden love, fairytale

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#98 in Fantasy
#44 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 221 pages

Publication: 25.09.2020 — 25.12.2020

Description of book "Bride of the Ice Dragon"

To save her mother and little brother Alexa has to sacrifice her body and soul to the Lord of the North. He is said to be a monster, his name is not to be pronounced. Although, everything he wants from the girl – is an heir, for the monster’s heart is made of ice. But what if one day someone tries to bring the fire back?
New story
Translation: Pavla Yankovska


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30.10.2021, 22:15:22

Hello Dear Author ..I am ur new reader and follower , it's an amazing story beginning to end no space for boredom......mind blowing, awesome story.. waiting for ur future projects. Best of luck and keep going.....

Lamia Perveen
28.04.2021, 17:06:46

beautiful story. absolutely loved it from beginning to the end!!!!

27.04.2021, 11:38:30

One of the best stories I've ever read.......... beautifully mesmerizing and unforgetful.........loved it sooo much.......thank you author for such a masterpiece

I have started missing aldar and Alexa already
Thank u author
Take care

Sophia Tulloch
31.03.2021, 21:57:10

Amazing story.....i love it.......thanks for sharing.

Doreen Phillip
18.03.2021, 21:02:05

ha Haha! this chapter has md laughing poor Olena ha Haha

Nuriya Abuu
16.03.2021, 10:23:37

Nyc bk i love it

Kalamity Jay
04.03.2021, 00:23:49

just finish reading it, thanks for the story

Pauline Korn
03.03.2021, 14:18:10


27.02.2021, 16:04:36

oh i love it

Adyasha Dash
07.01.2021, 14:44:28

Beautifully written book!!

Catherine Vostroff
11.01.2021, 18:12:43

Adyasha Dash, Thank you! :3
I have a new novel "The Dragon Who Bought Me", you can check on it too :3 xoxo

Mehak Sharma
25.12.2020, 08:38:24

I love this story very much .I can't wait for next chapters.

07.01.2021, 07:20:56

Catherine Vostroff, well your this story is also amazing. My that account is damaged so I have my this new account and that story "The DRAGON who Bought Me " is really amazing.

Mary Ann Ndlovu
04.01.2021, 12:03:47

I really loved this book could not read it quick enough

Catherine Vostroff
04.01.2021, 18:54:18

Mary Ann Ndlovu, Thank you very much :3

Raima Rizvii
04.01.2021, 04:43:06

wow...amazing story...

Catherine Vostroff
04.01.2021, 18:53:44

Raima Rizvii, Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it xoxoxo
You can also check out my new story 'The dragon who bought me' ;)

01.01.2021, 09:27:01

Ahhhh, I loved this one too!! Great job author for writing such a captivating story

Catherine Vostroff
03.01.2021, 17:54:15

Alicia, Thank you so much! xoxoxo
There are a lot of stories that I can't wait to share! :3

Favour Richard
31.12.2020, 11:17:58

Nice book, I literally stayed up all through the night to read. dear writer your book is indeed captivating and thrilling

Catherine Vostroff
03.01.2021, 17:52:55

Favour Richard, Oh my God, this is so pleasant to read! I'm so glad you loved it xoxox
I hope you will like my new book 'The Dragon Who Bought Me' as well xoxox

Katina Dimitriou
29.12.2020, 23:12:12

Enjoyable reading

Catherine Vostroff
03.01.2021, 17:51:47

Katina Dimitriou, Thank you so much! I have a new one ongoing book 'The Dragon Who Bought Me', you should check it out as well :*** xoxo

Kamna Kundi
25.12.2020, 17:40:07

loved it.. great work and imagination

Kamna Kundi
28.12.2020, 02:46:19

Catherine Vostroff, ohh dear its already in my library!! waiting for another update ☺️

nicholina dea
27.12.2020, 15:56:32

This book is so perfect..
I loved it from beginning till end..

Catherine Vostroff
28.12.2020, 00:18:17

nicholina dea, Thank youuu!
It was a long road, but it doesn't mean that it ends here;)
Check up on my new novel 'The dragon who bought me' xoxo
I'm sure you will love it

Onyinye Madeleine obi
25.12.2020, 18:00:35

amazing ❤

Catherine Vostroff
28.12.2020, 00:16:29

Onyinye Madeleine obi, No you :3
Thank you so much! xoxo

farha farook
24.12.2020, 19:32:33

I really laughed when I heard about simon

Catherine Vostroff
28.12.2020, 00:13:19

farha farook, Yes, that's a little vengeance for being a.. well you know who :D
Thank you for reading this book xoxo

Mehak Sharma
25.12.2020, 08:35:46

It's really amazing story . Waiting for its next chapters.

Onyinye Madeleine obi
18.12.2020, 11:42:36

yay! I love this chapter

Catherine Vostroff
24.12.2020, 16:38:30

Onyinye Madeleine obi, Thanks! Glad to hear it :)

Raima Rizvii
21.12.2020, 21:03:19

what a story...loved it

Catherine Vostroff
24.12.2020, 16:38:07

Raima Rizvii, Thank you! :3

farha farook
18.12.2020, 19:38:12

I am so glad aldar got his feelings back

Catherine Vostroff
24.12.2020, 16:37:50

Paola Yanki, Exactly :D

Onyinye Madeleine obi
16.12.2020, 17:33:58

alexa is making me proud

Onyinye Madeleine obi
17.12.2020, 01:35:24

Catherine Vostroff, yes

16.12.2020, 21:22:25

I'm honestly loving this plot....

Onyinye Madeleine obi
13.12.2020, 10:10:00

I can't wait for alexa and alder to become closer

Catherine Vostroff
16.12.2020, 17:25:25

Onyinye Madeleine obi, It will happen very soon! :3 Keep on the updates :)))

Princess Eze
11.12.2020, 21:50:56

book 2

08.12.2020, 13:43:59

it's getting cold now

Catherine Vostroff
10.12.2020, 20:25:18

Anu Chaudhary, Haha, yes :)

05.12.2020, 18:26:48

I like that story very much keep it up like that with every chapter.

Catherine Vostroff
10.12.2020, 20:25:00

Riya, Thank you so much! :3

05.12.2020, 18:28:11

mine is "love out of spite" hope you could check it oit❤❤

Hey Jennie here
01.12.2020, 19:50:34

Wow I just love this novel ❤️ mine is"the journey from hate to love " hope you could check it out

Onyinye Madeleine obi
24.11.2020, 09:33:07

oh my dear alexa is getting witty

Onyinye Madeleine obi
25.11.2020, 19:04:59

Catherine Vostroff, I love that

Lua Meng Soon
23.11.2020, 08:26:59

is very interesting.Suggested

Catherine Vostroff
24.11.2020, 19:49:16

Lua Meng Soon, Thank you!! :3

Monces Liezl
22.11.2020, 13:05:42

i love the sto6 ,when will be the next chapter

Catherine Vostroff
24.11.2020, 19:48:57

Monces Liezl, Thank you! I update as soon as possible :3

Catherine Vostroff
24.11.2020, 19:46:31

Oliver Audien Allan, Thank you so much! Could you point me the mistakes that you saw, so I could improve my writing? Ty!

17.11.2020, 10:30:04

Wow. Amazing. Mine is "Love or Romance". You can have a look.

20.11.2020, 18:20:15

Catherine Vostroff, You liked my content. Thank you so much Dear...

Funmilayo Lapite
20.11.2020, 14:05:50

It is that going to be easy for him

Cheriebright Bessy
18.11.2020, 16:28:32

Please update..I can't wait

Catherine Vostroff
20.11.2020, 02:38:16

Cheriebright Bessy, The new chapter is already in :3

18.11.2020, 11:00:18

loved your book..such a beautiful and unique story...plzz update soon dear author...lots of love ❤️❤️

Catherine Vostroff
20.11.2020, 02:37:39

SHILPA BHATTACHARJEE, Thank you so much!
I try to update as much as I can! xoxo :3
(btw the book is updated hehe)

Norma Saso Dalmas
18.11.2020, 02:46:13

update pls..nice story..

Catherine Vostroff
20.11.2020, 02:36:28

Norma Saso Dalmas, Hi! The book is updated! :3

Phebe Okyere
17.11.2020, 09:26:54

very interesting but there are a lot of words you didn't compl6

Catherine Vostroff
20.11.2020, 02:34:39

Phebe Okyere, Thank you!
Could you tell me where? I haven't noticed anything like incomplete words :')

Onyinye Madeleine obi
16.11.2020, 07:50:21

every chapter of this book is amazing

Catherine Vostroff
16.11.2020, 20:11:28

Onyinye Madeleine obi, Thank youuu~~❤️

Indian Otaku Tube
13.11.2020, 20:54:30

I'm so addicted now by this story..

Catherine Vostroff
14.11.2020, 04:22:36

Indian Otaku Tube, Haha, thaaanks ❤️
I'm really addicted to writing it and sharing it with you ❤️
Keep up on the updates :3

Kamna Kundi
13.11.2020, 18:51:44

I just love this book..❤️

Catherine Vostroff
14.11.2020, 04:21:18

Kamna Kundi, Thank youuuu! I appreciate it❤️❤️❤️❤️

Onyinye Madeleine obi
04.11.2020, 19:41:25

really enjoying the story

Catherine Vostroff
13.11.2020, 11:54:54

Onyinye Madeleine obi, ❤❤❤ xoxo

olalekan adebayo
10.11.2020, 22:53:20

This book is really amazing

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:06:33

olalekan adebayo, Thank you so much for reading it! Keep up on new chapters, it's all gonna be much more intense! :3

P Girl
09.11.2020, 20:07:58

please update it I love this book. Lots of hugs and kisses

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:04:53

Wuzor Stanley, Hi! I'm working on intending to update the book more often! Keep up on new chapters :) Hugs and kisses back!!!

Chris Evan
07.11.2020, 20:33:23

so far i love this book❤️

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:03:10

Chris Evan, Thanks :3

Nancy Chioma
06.11.2020, 08:06:19

Thanks for this wonderful book, can't wait to finish reading the whole story.

Catherine Vostroff
12.11.2020, 07:02:37

Nancy Chioma, Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it!
Keep up on updates, a lot of interesting things are about to happen :3