Book. "Broken At Twenty One ( A New Phase)" read online

Broken At Twenty One ( A New Phase)

Sonita Olise

Story about:bad boy and good girl, weird attraction, bad boy love romance

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#219 in Romance
#14 in New Adult & College

Complete 41 pages

Publication: 19.08.2021 — 13.09.2021

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Description of book "Broken At Twenty One ( A New Phase)"

After the shocking ending between Karina and David, have things truly settled down?. has Karina moved on with her life?. but what if, her only mistake comes back in?. will the same feelings buried, plunge out to the surface?.

Read to find out ( broken at twenty-one)


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Josie joe
16.09.2021, 16:25:09

good storyline and story plot.. can't wait for the sequel

Sonita Olise
16.09.2021, 18:28:25

Josie joe, thank you so much

Jayashri Mane
12.09.2021, 07:50:38

I think Karina should give Finn a chance

Sonita Olise
12.09.2021, 10:48:16

Jayashri Mane, I think so too.. ( smile)

Jayashri Mane
08.09.2021, 00:20:32

I really like ur story please update soon

Sonita Olise
08.09.2021, 10:31:04

Jayashri Mane, thank you so much, I will

Neha Garg
05.09.2021, 00:27:21

go ahead idiot girl. he will use you again And left you again . he has no feelings for you if yes then why he left you earlier. but you are. so blind in love

Sonita Olise
06.09.2021, 13:48:31

Sonita Olise, exactly.. ( smiles)

Priya Singh
20.08.2021, 09:58:25

the start is awesome author

Sarah Michelle
26.08.2021, 03:40:21

Sonita Olise, Thanks for this kind behaviour

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