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Book. "Broken" read online
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On Hold: 12 Jul 100 pages

Publication: 11.07.2022 — ...

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Description of book "Broken"

A prostitute meets a Christian guy from Chicago and her life turns upside down. The once broken Kristen Smith begins to heal from past events she never wanted to revisit, accepts Christ as her Savior, discovers her God-given talent, and falls for Caleb McIntosh.

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Aneshrie Govender
16.07.2022, 22:15:54

Amen. All praise, honor n glory to our savior king. It's really an amazing book. I hope more people can read this book becos I believe there lives will b touched greatly. Really nothing is impossible wid our God. I pray the hollyspirit will lead n guide u to write many more touching stories. B blessed n carry on waiting on God.

Alecia johnson
17.07.2022, 02:14:41

Thank you so much Aneshrie. This means a lot. And I will definitely continue to write more inspirational stories.

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