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Description of book "Broken Girl "

Katherine Cynthia is a broken girl who has been in a horrible past which she can't forget. Tristan Ansing is the badass of the school. Can he fix this broken girl? Check out the story to find out ?
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Crazy Cuban family 19.10.2020, 03:48:52

update please

ishita 16.10.2020, 10:40:11

Hey, loved to read the book...

Amulya Vasan 02.09.2020, 14:47:17

what ever u write will be good
tq for writing my name

Amulya Vasan 01.09.2020, 11:04:44

its amazing the story is starting yet but it will be a good one

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Reflects you 02.09.2020, 14:04:13

Amulya Vasan, ❤️❤️

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