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Broken(for his to fix)


Story about:heartbreak, collegeromance, love and passion

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 25.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Broken(for his to fix)"

"You are not what you show" he stated to me. I was shocked by and more confused by his words. "What do you mean?" I whispered. "Trust me love you know exactly what I mean".

Elise argent a girl who move to California with her cousin sister for college where she meet Ian Romero exactly like her. Elise is not like other girls she is different. like other girls she doesn't like to wear dresses or makeup or makeout with hot boys just to show off and popularity. She is just all by herself. But she is a tough girl who is not easy to break and Ian finds it amusing that she is not like the girls he fucked. He feels attract towards her. The girl who is broken inside hides it by her freeness and smiling face. And Ian is willing to find out the real Elise but will she be able to open her heart to him


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Adekemi Victoria
19.01.2021, 14:09:11

I'm loving this book so much. please keep up with the updating. thanks

19.01.2021, 17:53:55

Adekemi Victoria, I am glad that you're loving the book and my writing... surely I will update it soon beautiful. Thanks for reading baby ♥️♥️

Kelly Blickley
18.01.2021, 08:39:38

Thank you for finally updating. Ive been eagerly waiting. Please keep up with the good updates.

18.01.2021, 14:00:35

Kelly Blickley, Thank you for reading it Hun, and yeah I will make sure to update it as early as possible ♥️♥️

Laisa Tikomaimaleya
30.09.2020, 02:35:10

Realky like this story...cant wait for the next update

30.09.2020, 10:40:08

Laisa Tikomaimaleya, Hey thank you so much laisa it's means alot and it encourages me to write further. I surely will update the next chapter today. please save this book in your library so you can be notified when the next update is.

Thanks you again love ♥️♥️

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