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Brotherly love.


Story about:love amongst adoptive siblings

Age restriction: 18+

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Ongoing: 01 Dec 74 pages

Publication: 26.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Brotherly love. "

Lorenzo has always been very protective of his little sister, and the more she grows the more possessive he becomes. It's starting to be suspicious is it still brotherly love or has this brother fallen for his sister ?
Olive has always loved how her older brother would do anything for her, she's so used to having him wrapped around her finger. So when her brother starts getting serious with a mysterious girl she can't help but get jealous and vows to never accept her.

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Wendy Strada 02.12.2020, 00:07:59

Me gusta que sea diferente

Kavita Yenurkar 26.11.2020, 15:39:56

Hey I am waiting for the updates I have added it to library ( ╹▽╹ ) please update love you (☆▽☆)

Dnyanesh shahare 21.11.2020, 11:45:18

I am currently reading 13
and I feel every thing in the story is just.... PERFECT
loving the story ❤

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xataliya 21.11.2020, 12:30:35

Dnyanesh shahare, Thank you very much

Priya Basak 15.11.2020, 16:59:29

Lovely couple. I hope their love lasts till end

Nkoli Oguagha 14.11.2020, 23:33:37

So glad you updated today. Thanks so much! Next update, am immune with this.

Priya Basak 14.11.2020, 21:21:40

Woohh!! This is complete shock but still felt good. Waiting for next

Nkoli Oguagha 14.11.2020, 16:07:51

Waiting earnestly for updates. Such a beautiful love story. Keep it up.

Priya Basak 11.11.2020, 05:34:41

This is complete shock. Now let's see what Lorenzo feels about her. This is real interesting

Resmi Mukherjee 05.11.2020, 15:10:49

Interesting. Hope they will find the truth soon and confess their feelings for each other.

jia Reed 03.11.2020, 12:36:13

nice story

The last comment in the thread:

xataliya 03.11.2020, 16:01:54

jia Reed, Thank you

Nkoli Oguagha 02.11.2020, 13:11:36

Nice. Don't allow update to be too long. I'm really addicted to this story. Nice week.

Priya Basak 02.11.2020, 11:18:24

Now she's getting damn jealous!! Interesting

sadaf 31.10.2020, 17:44:10

Update please

The last comment in the thread:

xataliya 02.11.2020, 07:52:40

sadaf, I will definitely update before the end of today.

Priya Basak 01.11.2020, 23:53:57

Interesting!! Waiting for the next

The last comment in the thread:

xataliya 02.11.2020, 07:52:10

Priya Basak, Thank you will update today

Priya Basak 30.10.2020, 05:06:47

Next part please

sadaf 27.08.2020, 11:38:32

Just don't stop...

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