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Brother's Mate


Story about:love, college

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Brother's Mate"

Running from a horrible past Rose Esh moved from England to start a new life in the US little did she know college was going to be way more exciting then expected after moving into a house full of gorgeous boys.Will her brother allow her to date his mates or has she got to keep her paws to herself.

(Wasn't mean't to be on 18+)

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Laisa Tikomaimaleya 15.04.2020, 12:43:20

Thanksbut more and regular please!!

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 05.04.2020, 05:25:38

Great update...very intresting

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 28.03.2020, 00:31:31

More please!

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 25.03.2020, 20:52:08

Love the starting makes me want to read continously. Please cont to update

Dorothy Obeng 24.05.2019, 17:25:15

nice more

Tasha Nickolson 22.04.2019, 14:45:57

very attractive

Nicole Preedy 21.04.2019, 17:14:53

hope you´ll update soon

Kelli Callahan 20.04.2019, 21:42:07

love it

Grace 19.04.2019, 19:18:50

love the cover

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Pauletta Attaway 18.04.2019, 23:55:04

waiting for more

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jazz 19.04.2019, 19:21:42

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