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By helicopter or high water

simon 1982

Story about:a billionaire and his p.a.

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#2200 in Billionaires
#5406 in Romance

Complete 101 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — 29.01.2021

Description of book "By helicopter or high water"

Billionaire Duncan likes things his way. Sharon lives for her job in fortnightly her job doesn't live for her. One day Duncan is out with Sharon and things go a little bit wrong. Please enjoy seeing where there journey will take them.


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Наталия Арчер
25.03.2021, 05:47:15

I started to read this book and like it :)
First, I tried the horror one but it was too scary for me)). This one is my type of a book. ))

simon 1982
25.03.2021, 08:49:40

Наталия Арчер, thank you I hope you enjoy it

02.12.2020, 22:08:13

This book caught my eye because at one time I was an executive assistant and my name is Sharon. I howled with laughter at the prick comment, because this is literally what I would have thought faced with a man like Duncan.

Here's another line you can use from the sayings of Sharon.

"I don't get mad, I get even." He said as he passed by Sharon's desk for the third time.

"I know. You've been riding my ass all day." She responded quite over his shit, uncaring if he fired her.

These lines were said sometime in 1996. My boss was a self made millionaire, who didn't bother filtering any of his thoughts. In time, I learned to admire his no nonsense approach and when I left, I was the only assistant of the 80 he had hired/fired that got a company send off.

simon 1982
02.12.2020, 22:44:29

SESaunders, thank you

17.09.2020, 10:04:09

"helicopter stuff, you wouldn't understand" Gold!!!!

simon 1982
17.09.2020, 12:14:20

HypGothic, thank you I had to do a little research

29.08.2020, 10:23:32

keep up the great work! :)

simon 1982
29.08.2020, 12:36:36

HypGothic, thank you

24.08.2020, 00:46:50

all the best

simon 1982
24.08.2020, 00:49:00

Kitzy, thank you I'm going to need it

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