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By helicopter or high water

simon 1982

Story about:a billionaire and his p.a.

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Ongoing: 18 Sep 16 pages

Publication: 22.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "By helicopter or high water"

Billionaire Duncan likes things his way. Sharon lives for her job in fortnightly her job doesn't live for her. One day Duncan is out with Sharon and things go a little bit wrong. Please enjoy seeing where there journey will take them.

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HypGothic 17.09.2020, 10:04:09

"helicopter stuff, you wouldn't understand" Gold!!!!

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simon 1982 17.09.2020, 12:14:20

HypGothic, thank you I had to do a little research

HypGothic 29.08.2020, 10:23:32

keep up the great work! :)

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simon 1982 29.08.2020, 12:36:36

HypGothic, thank you

Kitzy 24.08.2020, 00:46:50

all the best

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simon 1982 24.08.2020, 00:49:00

Kitzy, thank you I'm going to need it

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