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Book. "Caffeine High" read online
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#1874 in Billionaires
#990 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 23 Jun 24 pages

Publication: 23.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Caffeine High"

Arya Fisher is your local graphic designer earning her income primarily from a club, because San Francisco's design community is brutally competitive, and she doesn't want to starve. Nicholas "Nick" Frasier? Hotshot billionaire, CEO of the internationally well known coffee brand Spill the Beans, and single as a pringle. His mother does not approve of the last fact, and gives him an ultimatum: if he doesn't find a date for her Annual Charity Ball this year, he may as well be dead.

Nick and Arya's paths collide on one of his potential "dates", and Nick gives Arya an offer she cannot turn down: he will give Arya a job if she pretends to be his girlfriend. But what happens when that job is at his company, in his own office? Something brews, of course. Read to find out what!


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Dream of books
23.06.2021, 18:36:32

dear you are back tq so much and welcome back dear

Constance Marounta
08.02.2021, 00:40:25

Excellent read and I like the sense of humor in it. Looking forward to updates :)

Constance Marounta
23.06.2021, 16:53:18

ayesha, Oh, don't stress it. Whenever you post new chapters is fine by me. I'll be glad to read them. I'm a slow updater myself, you see, so I only mentioned it as a motivation :)

Constance Marounta
07.02.2021, 22:07:41

Very promising start!!!

29.12.2020, 17:55:08

interesting ❤️

30.12.2020, 12:24:19

ayesha, ❤️

Winnet Gonangombe
29.12.2020, 23:25:14

loving the book

Winnet Gonangombe
30.12.2020, 10:46:42

ayesha, yeah

Winnet Gonangombe
29.12.2020, 23:25:15

best book I've read so far

30.12.2020, 09:25:31

Winnet Gonangombe, aw thank u ?

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