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Shruti Omar

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possessive billionaire, madness, manipulation


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Description of book "Caged"

Thirty one years old, Italy based Indian billionaire, Eklavya Singh Chauhan has only loved one girl. She possess his mind, heart and soul. But, she's not made for him. Ergo, he's made up his mind and bottled his feeling for the sake of their families with a pledge to never let his mad love rule him.

Oblivious to his predicament, Mrinaal Pradhan Thakur is leading her life smoothly in India with her family and a loving boyfriend. She has her future sketched before her eyes. But, she is cheated and played by the love of her life and falls into Eklavya's arm seeking care and protection from the darkness. Situations has transformed her into something else and that has changed their equation.

But has things changed enough for them to be finally together? Will she ever accept his love??

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Smita 09.08.2020, 19:54:03

@Shruti.... pls update next chapters .....

Richa Monga 06.08.2020, 19:54:42

When will be you upload the new chapters?

afreen skafreen 06.08.2020, 05:56:39

update please...

Manasi Khamkar 05.08.2020, 06:45:29

when will the next part come.... it's so good to read

Manasi Khamkar 02.08.2020, 07:25:11

it's wow.. in love with the character s

shivangi singh 01.08.2020, 16:22:08

update soonnn... please..m so read further

Monica Vaishy 01.08.2020, 09:38:42

Plzzzz update soon caged.

Manasi Khamkar 01.08.2020, 07:49:13


Celina Somaroe 31.07.2020, 06:34:05


anurag vyas 30.07.2020, 14:06:50

When will you complete book.. We are waiting for your updates

Tahira Yasmin 30.07.2020, 12:15:15

Dear writer please update caged. Thank you very much

bs shruthi 29.07.2020, 18:03:10

Loved reading the book Shruthi. Waiting for you to fix the issue with your account and give us new updates. We are there with you. Love you

Kaylene D 24.07.2020, 10:23:13

oo okay sorry about that. you are here this situation will just pass. don't worry

Shruti Omar 23.07.2020, 19:58:29

To everyone who has been waiting for the updates, please give me some time. I will post definitely but for now, i have a major concern. My Wattpad account has been hacked. There has been a data breach therefore I am no longer able to log into it. I tried and contact the help centre to come up with a solution but no dice, that only left me with one solution to create a new account. The new username is @TheLostShruti because I am really lost. Please follow me there and allow me to fix that issue first before updating.
Please cooperate.

afreen skafreen 21.07.2020, 17:21:59

Hello dear.. When are you gonna update the next chapter.Story is very interesting please update as soon as possible,waiting for the next update

Monica Vaishy 17.07.2020, 10:24:35

Amazing book dear.I love to read this book,plz update soon n plzz update on whttpad also , I follow u thr also.

silent eyes 15.07.2020, 15:27:04

Update ASAP ❤

SUMATI BEHERA 11.07.2020, 19:25:37

Hey Shruti! Glad to have you back with the new update ❤
Hope you keep on updating without much delays!

Beata Gos 11.07.2020, 09:33:09

So sorry for your predicament, but thanks anyway, you're back to us to be reconnected again

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Shruti Omar 11.07.2020, 14:18:42

Beata Gos, That was an awful period but it has passed. :)

Baby Bhatia 07.07.2020, 21:24:20

Why are you not updating In this way, we will forget the story.

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 10.07.2020, 21:55:24

Baby Bhatia, I'm sorry ma'am. There was a reason and it made me delay. Hope, you understand.

Baby Bhatia 09.07.2020, 08:23:45

hey miss Shruti are u ok. There has been no response for this time. are you OK.

Sweta Kumari 07.07.2020, 07:28:07

when you uploade chapter 16...i want to read that... please hurry up...

Divya Shree Kabadi 06.07.2020, 06:46:52

update more chapters pls

ann-marie Harbansingh 04.07.2020, 03:48:18

when can we expect an update ?

Kumud Tank 02.07.2020, 15:04:40

Hey r u al alright ...? when r u updating..? pleeeeez

Bhawana Garg 02.07.2020, 09:49:07

why there is no update ?

afreen skafreen 01.07.2020, 10:16:08

Its been two week since your update.Hope you are well.Please update soon:)

Shweta Goyal 29.06.2020, 05:33:43

Hey..... what happened.... are u alright.... m worried....

dol shin 27.06.2020, 09:13:40

Please update

Alfisha Liyaqat 25.06.2020, 10:32:34

Update plss?

Alfisha Liyaqat 25.06.2020, 10:32:30

Update plss?

afreen skafreen 22.06.2020, 19:58:38

Update please!!

Vicky Oyc 18.06.2020, 14:26:03

thank you, eagerly waiting for next update please, stay safe....

Beata Gos 14.06.2020, 03:14:08

Thank you very much for the update, stay safe and sound for us, your stories' book worms

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 14.06.2020, 09:59:29

Beata Gos, Much love, sweetheart. ?

ann-marie Harbansingh 12.06.2020, 23:19:14

when can we expect an update

Kumud Tank 12.06.2020, 20:32:45

ma'am update plz.... waiting

Shweta Khurana 10.06.2020, 17:05:40

Mam .....long time no update... please update soon

Rosey 08.06.2020, 20:35:16

Nice piece

anna shah 08.06.2020, 18:06:43

update soon eagerly waiting since long time

zahida rahman 08.06.2020, 04:02:18

When will she come to know that he loves her so much? can’t wait for their happy ending. I hope you get the time to finish your book. And I love you ideas and your books. Lots of loves❤️

Sakshi Kamath 04.06.2020, 12:15:59

Please update soon. Eagerly waiting to read further.

Beata Gos 04.06.2020, 05:38:31

Thank you for the update, dying to know more of the story

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 04.06.2020, 07:03:50

Beata Gos, :)

Shweta Khurana 03.06.2020, 19:50:36

hi there....i am quite liking the story line...plz update soon

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 03.06.2020, 22:09:02

Shweta Khurana, There is an update schedule that is thrice a week.

afreen skafreen 26.05.2020, 15:27:02

Hey please upload the next chapter can't wait

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The last comment in the thread:

afreen skafreen 29.05.2020, 12:44:17

Shruti Omar, Yehhhhh!!

Beata Gos 29.05.2020, 11:31:53

Like and admire very much the trail of the story, thank you

Shaibu Bolanle 29.05.2020, 11:09:25

Please update, please update oh am waiting

Kumud Tank 29.05.2020, 09:45:27

thanks for update

ashwini s 25.05.2020, 08:57:32

Hey Shruti, This story is awesome. I started reading it yesterday and finished it already.Waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Pls do update frequently.

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 29.05.2020, 08:57:50

ashwini s, The updates will be twice or thrice a week. That's the best I can do. :)

Beata Gos 26.05.2020, 09:44:36

So love the turns of events as far as Mrinaal and Eklavya are concerned, thank you for the update

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 29.05.2020, 08:57:23

Beata Gos, Loved to hear that.

Menaka Raghupathy 26.05.2020, 18:49:30

please update the chapter Ian desperate to read it

The last comment in the thread:

Shruti Omar 29.05.2020, 08:51:00

Menaka Raghupathy, Pleased to know it got you on hook.

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