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Ongoing: 04 May 29 pages

Publication: 14.04.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Caged Rose"

A Righteous beautiful girl's life take drastic turn, when her father take righteous stand against evil, for his duty. Which cost him gravely in worse way.
"Do you believe in Almighty?"
This question made her open her eyes, The intensity of his gaze burned her and his close proximity made her flinch in Anxiety. The chilling gaze was to hard to match with, However sensing him waiting For her to answer she nodded in agreement, that she believe in God. Though she has least faith he will let her go for sake of Her belief in God but there's no harm in hoping. And what felt like ages she hear him speak in deadly cold voice.
"Then pray we never meet again." 


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06.05.2021, 22:27:23

Wow. Love the plot ❤Hi. Love your book❤❤. Please update more. I'm new in this website would love to grow some audience plus support my fellow Authors. Let's Follow each other.TIA and all the best ?

Dream Soul
01.05.2021, 16:08:04

More updates author

01.05.2021, 16:08:04

Dream Soul, I updated now. thank you for review.

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