Book. "Capricious Bunny and the Seasons" read online

Capricious Bunny and the Seasons

Эллин Крыж

Series: Colorful tales

Story about:nature and beauty, fairy tale for children, psychology

6 468

#315 in Short stories
#1866 in Fantasy

Complete 8 pages

Publication: 03.11.2020 — 03.11.2020

Description of book "Capricious Bunny and the Seasons"

A tale about a little capricious bunny who did not like any changes and was afraid of everything new…
(Original text in Russian and Ukrainian)

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Oh! That`s fanny Bunny! :))))

Эллин Крыж
04.11.2020, 13:16:06

Кристина Володарская, :))

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