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Carla: The Chosen One

Deby Gold

Story about:action adventure, revenge, historical romance

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#97 in Historical Romance

On Hold: 09 Jul 23 pages

Publication: 11.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Carla: The Chosen One "

After escaping death, Carla joins the army under false pretenses to find out the truth about her parents death. In her quest for revenge against those who killed her family, Carla meets and falls in love with Melvin.
When Melvin turns out to be the son of her sworn enemy and a life changing revelation about her identity is brought to light, Carla is torn. And now she must pick between exerting her revenge and following her heart's desire. What path will she take?


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Summer TanLin
19.07.2021, 05:51:36

waiting for your undate!

Deby Gold
21.07.2021, 09:04:33

Summer TanLin, I've been busy with exams in school which is why I haven't updated in a while. I'll publish more chapters as soon as I'm done.

Summer TanLin
19.07.2021, 05:51:56

Do you have insta? wanna follow you.

Deby Gold
21.07.2021, 09:03:26

Summer TanLin, Yes, my Instagram is deby_writes

Summer TanLin
19.07.2021, 05:48:08

wow the beginning is cool!

Muswaka Esther
17.05.2021, 16:38:36

im loving this book

Deby Gold
17.05.2021, 22:48:59

Muswaka Esther, Thank you.
I'll publish the next chapters in a few days.

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