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Castle Of My Dream.


Story about:
princess, betrayal, love


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Ongoing: 27 Jun 151 pages

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Description of book "Castle Of My Dream."

A princess who born in small town with big dreams. it's not easy for her to pass through each milestone because as a princess she needs to be perfect. she learnt a lot from her parents. she never asked for any support, nothing.., its just her struggle. she is a princess but in her way she wanted to be a person to full fill her dream.
but every princess had a prince waiting for her but this she is not sure to meet any prince in her life. but destiny plans something else and she has to work for someone the man who built himself from scratch. he knows the value of life. he knows the pain to reach what he is now. he hates the recommendations. he hates the people who built their career with no efforts.
let's meet these people to know thier story of life.

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Ana Arrigo 05.02.2020, 13:38:11

continue it

Izzy 05.02.2020, 13:01:24


Kelly Wright 01.01.2020, 19:35:42

I like it

Celeste I. 28.12.2019, 08:22:59

Hi, I don't want to sound rude, but do you think you could punctuate your description better without all caps (minus a few words, which also make it inconsistent)? It makes it hard to read the synopsis. The beginning part of the book is also all caps, but the rest of the book seems to be fine.

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Celeste I. 29.12.2019, 00:46:51

Baghiii, No problem, sorry if what I said sounded rude.

Lizzie Dunlap 29.12.2019, 00:35:49

good story, continue it

S. N. Nina Arthur 27.12.2019, 18:56:24

please read my book " Mixed feelings" and give a review about it guys

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