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Centurial Commoners Game: Mistress Of Pluviophile


Story about:adventure, reincarnation, system

Age restriction: 18+

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#255 in Fantasy
#16 in Epic fantasy

Ongoing: 10 May 7 pages

Publication: 10.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Centurial Commoners Game: Mistress Of Pluviophile"

In the world called Apophyllite. There's a Kingdom named the Seleno Kingdom that holds an event called Centurial Commoners Game or CCG every hundred years to celebrate the Kingdom's establishment for the eighteen-year-olds who have the skill called Philè - the term people used in Apophyllite that means magic.

Salana Tempest - an eighteen-year-old girl that reincarnated to Apophyllite, she's a former human that carried the same name and died due to the betrayal of her friends. She became one of the candidates for the game, and despite being regarded as one of the weakest candidates, she chose to push her luck in order to win the prize, which is to be one of the kingdom's nobility.


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