Cerestial: A Brief Beginning

Ace of Prince

Story about:selfdiscovery, mythical beings

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#2707 in Fantasy
#666 in Short stories

Complete 59 pages

Publication: 19.07.2019 — 28.07.2019

Description of book "Cerestial: A Brief Beginning "

Humans are known for vast imaginations and stories following the splendid and spectacular lives of Fantasy beings. however little do they know, said beings more commonly known as Mythicals amongst their many species, have existed and lived alongside the human race for millennia, both amongst; and below.

Kept hidden in fear of their own monsters under the bed, the Mythicals both humanoid and not have fought against extinction from the constant threat they have named 'The Masks'. Only those Mythicals who are humanoid and can pass as human live somewhat comfortable lives in the Grand City, those who are too beastlike keep to themselves underground, whether they like it or not.

Cerestial: A Brief Beginning, introduces the main characters who will shape their own stories in such a world.


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Clayton Terrel
25.07.2019, 13:43:35

i don't smoke but you describe it with such a delight that now i have a huge desire to try it:D

Troy Charlton
22.07.2019, 15:00:19

everyone loves to have an influence

Andy Rose
21.07.2019, 14:15:19

is it the end?

Eric Phillips
20.07.2019, 15:57:30

I think this story could have more readers if you put a cover

Roza Csergo
20.07.2019, 02:01:19

This story is very good. Gripping from the first paragraph. I can't wait for more updates. Added it to my library and followed you.

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