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Chapter One: A Writer's Romance

Bailey Elizabeth

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writers, new love, heartbreak


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Description of book "Chapter One: A Writer's Romance"

Ellis Anne Clemens just wants to finish her master's and publish her books. Throw in needing a new apartment, and she's got a pretty full plate. That's all before she meets Cliff Edgar, bestselling author and a personal favorite poet. Ellis never expected to even meet him, but after a series of unexpected events, she finds herself with a place in his mansion. She's not looking for love, especially after her last tragically failed attempt, but she may have a hard time avoiding it while living under the same roof as the famous, sexy, and single Cliff Edgar.

Cliff Edgar hasn't touched romance for years. But something about that quirky Miss Clemens, the girl he can't seem to avoid, makes him start to wonder if perhaps not all hope is lost.

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Ruechari 10.08.2020, 05:31:06

If only I could see this book as a movie my life would be complete.

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Bailey Elizabeth 10.08.2020, 06:09:12

Ruechari, Well I hope you continue to enjoy it!! Appreciate the comments too. I’m super new to Booknet and this made my night!

Ruechari 10.08.2020, 01:06:24

Great line about "finding agent by magical means" it really does feel that way whenever you read about bestseller's origin stories or sit through a writer's seminar. You're all set to take those notes, listen patiently for that 30 minutes or more and then realize. "Yep, completely useless." Great Job!

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Ruechari 10.08.2020, 05:50:41

Bailey Elizabeth, I've only been to one. The largest in North America. AWP but 3 days of talks, booths and whatnot and I thought OMG, my takeaway is it all comes down to a lot of hard work, years of dedication and dumb luck.

Ruechari 10.08.2020, 05:14:28

Oh, can't wait to see what a character Elizabeth turn out to be.

Ruechari 10.08.2020, 01:26:08

Can't say which I enjoyed more the quirk of a British accent when drunk or Tara's boyfriend's description of Ellis and her best attributes. : ) Thanks for the laugh.

Ruechari 10.08.2020, 01:01:42

Love the prologue. Can't wait to see where this goes next.

Gracie Ella leonard 01.08.2020, 06:56:33

pretty good story. please follow me back dear and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or add up in your library for updates,thanks❤❤

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