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Ongoing: 22 Sep 25 pages

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Description of book "Cheated"

Blissful marriage with handsome man who loved her, was all she ever dreamt of. Her heaven laid in his embrace.

Little was she aware of his scandalous affairs with the other woman. She thought he had her back but he was cheating behind her back. Fire of his sins burnt her heaven.

Will she take him back when he would beg for her forgiveness? Hold on! Will he ever beg? Will he ever shed tears for her? Even if he does, will she ever forgive him for his crime ? Is her marred body and soul even alive to forgive ?

Many questions, read to find out but one thing is for sure, it started with cheating and it'll end with revenge.

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Tamara 17.09.2020, 21:51:16

I looooove it. please udate

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JumbledSymphony 18.09.2020, 07:28:40

Tamara, I'll update soon and hit the star button if you like it and you can follow my account to get notified. thank you for reading and commenting :)

Afsa Anjum 15.09.2020, 22:12:35

please update

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JumbledSymphony 16.09.2020, 06:15:10

Afsa Anjum, soon and thanks for voting, following me :)

Neha Garg 12.09.2020, 11:45:10

very good and different story. something new and too heart touching

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JumbledSymphony 12.09.2020, 16:07:08

Neha Garg, I'm glad that you like it.

Neha Garg 11.09.2020, 20:53:47

updates please

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JumbledSymphony 12.09.2020, 07:52:28

Neha Garg, will try to update ASAP. thanks for reading and press the star icon of you like it.

Nina Daniel 01.09.2020, 07:35:19

the first chapter was amazing and definitely looking forward to more, good job honey! ♥️

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Nina Daniel 01.09.2020, 08:52:37

JumbledSymphony, ♥️♥️

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