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Cherished Hatred

Failia Baighaan

Story about:werewolf, hatred, dark romance

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Ongoing: 26 Feb 35 pages

Publication: 21.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Cherished Hatred"

“The only bond we share is hatred.” Lucille said with intense loath. A feeling of abhor emerged from her when she gave him her usual icy gaze.
For the first time in his devilishly long life, someone hurt the ruthless Alpha and surprisingly not with actions but with words, piercing his heart.
Hurt sparked in Leonel eyes, her maltreat words crushed his heart of stone into dust, losing hopes of receiving love from his mate.
A sudden pain shot through both of their hearts when he forced a smile and whispered,
“Then.. Allow me to cherish that hatred…”

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Dr-Hana Khalid 21.02.2021, 17:02:18

Is this going to be a free story for reading?

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Failia Baighaan 22.02.2021, 16:07:37

Dr-Hana Khalid, I am not sure.

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