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Book. "Child's mischief" read online

Child's mischief

Katerina Tumas

Story about:gods, other worlds, philosophy

11 307

#1602 in Fantasy
#348 in Short stories

Complete 2 pages

Publication: 12.04.2021 — 13.04.2021

Description of book "Child's mischief"

💤 That day all the inhabitants of the small planet had the same dream, in which a child's voice offered to fulfil any desire. But should such a proposal be taken seriously?

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Nar Run
13.04.2021, 02:49:49

hey, the great story again! i thought a lot about what i can choose in case of a dream like that, and... don't know)))

Katerina Tumas
13.04.2021, 20:26:28

Nar Run, the same problem))

Юна Гущина
13.04.2021, 02:47:12

I want to see what's next))) fighting between the rubber-man and the butler!

Katerina Tumas
13.04.2021, 20:25:18

Nar Run, Yes, u can do it))) I did for myself and it makes me smile)

rupor time
13.04.2021, 02:44:14

Wow! The second story of you! I like it too!

Katerina Tumas
13.04.2021, 20:24:40

rupor time, Tnx)) hope u will like the others no less

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