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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 5 (untold )

The Bonafide Oracle

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Just finished watching the supposed final season of CAOS and to be very honest couldn't quite digest the ending. They left basically almost no opening for a new season because they killed off the main character. So here I am taking it up from where it was left and exploring where it takes me at the end. But one thing is for sure even if it is through fanfiction I am not going to let our dearest Sabrina die and remain dead. I don't know how exactly I will resurrect her but it is definitely gonna happen. I mean if Auntie Hilda can come back to life so many times, it shouldn't be impossible for the queen of hell to do so. Speaking of the other characters, we will learn about them as we proceed with our story. Also, I would definitely keep some crossovers from RIverdale as the story proceeds!

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