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Christmas Bloom Love

Onome Gift

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Publication: 10.12.2021 — 15.12.2021
Contests: A Christmas Miracle

Description of book "Christmas Bloom Love"

Spending this Christmas festival with my cousins wasn’t what I had planned this year but things don’t always go as planned. It’s not that I’m not happy to have them, it’s just that I had other things planned out. A vacation trip with my friends and boyfriend but now I either have to cancel my plan or take them with me. Trust me, taking my four cousins out on a trip without proper supervision is not something I want to do. They are a set of stubborn naughty kids with too much sassy spirit in them.

This is a story about how our Christmas Party went wrong


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AnnaRCase guru
12.12.2021, 17:15:37

Hi. Could you please update the annotation to show how this story is about a Christmas Miracle? It is a requirement for entry into this contest. Thanks :)

Onome Gift
14.12.2021, 20:44:20

AnnaRCase, Thanks very much

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