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Publication: 02.12.2021 — 20.12.2021

Description of book "Christmas eve"

Zara Leo Taurus influential, rich independent yet alone scared of what the world holds. Wishes to be loved to be cared, craves for someone to call truly hers.

Has she lost all hope or there's even a little hope left. What happens when love comes knocking on her door will she open her arms and close off herself in her secluded world.

Xavier Falcon a billionaire, handsome the most loved by his family yet craves for love of that one person who would truly love him. Love him not his money or his property. Wishes for an independent strong girl to call his.

But are their any girl of that sort. One who would love the colour blue not pink, one who would fight rather than ask for help, one who would decline him when presented with luxury but would fall in his arms when pampered with kisses.


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Ruth Dionisio
10.01.2022, 13:03:53


Ruth Dionisio
10.01.2022, 11:57:24

like this...though it may be a short book

Naazish Baig
10.01.2022, 12:24:55

Ruth Dionisio, Thanx

02.12.2021, 10:36:05

i guess im gonna love dis book. jst a request dont include sexual abuse n harrasment in this novel as in ur odr novels . i likre ur odr books too but i want dis one different

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