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Chronicles of love

Meyling Soza

Story about:love triangle, boss and assistant, marriage and friendship

Age restriction: 18+

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#4 in Urban life
#95 in Romantic erotica

Complete 176 pages

Publication: 14.08.2020 — 08.09.2020

Description of book "Chronicles of love"

Amanda is young, beautiful, and full of dreams, it could be said that she is the living representation of the modern woman and now beginning this journey of independence in the always chaotic city of New York, Amanda must work on writing her own chronicles on love .
She will soon realize that so much freedom could be a problem and when she is involved in a hot and loving relationship with Esteban, who in addition to being her boss, is a married man with a perfect family, will Amanda be able to keep her sanity in this sensual relationship or let feelings get involved?
She believed herself to be the owner of her destiny, sure of her decisions, and more than satisfied with the relationship that gave her long nights of passion, but everything fell apart when she looked at James' blue eyes, and

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Oby Amah 21.11.2020, 11:37:05

Just ended like that?

Isabel Calix Nuñez 17.11.2020, 18:27:11

Esta bonita la historia lo malo es que no se sabe si se queda con James o con harold es una indertidumbre ojalá y le den un cierre

Shreya Singh 15.09.2020, 16:32:51

whom did she ended up harold ??

John Ndambi 18.08.2020, 11:03:23

Nice book ?

Monica Spener 15.08.2020, 13:35:45

yummy Esteban mmm

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Meyling Soza guru 17.08.2020, 17:03:45

Monica Spener, Thanks

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