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Click Play [bl]


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Ongoing: 15 Apr 30 pages

Publication: 15.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Click Play [bl]"

Levi doesn't think much of his casual life-style, he spends his days at school and his afternoons online gaming with his best friend, what more could you ask for? He enjoys the simplicity, but as he's finishing up his last year of High School, his future is starting to become a concern, he's really has no plan, and just wants to see where life takes him. His best friend on the other hand has everything under control, his college life is going well, along with his job, but what happens when the two online best friends cross paths accidentally, and one starts to realize that he might have feelings for the other? Can he hope to figure out his own emotion and pursue something more, or will he stay quiet and not jeopardize losing his best friend?


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