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Kate Green

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magic, concubine, dark romance


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#2 in Romantic fantasy
#44 in Romance

Ongoing: 17 Mar 7 pages

Publication: 13.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Concubine"

On her wedding day, Anna is abducted and sold to the son of a rich businessman. Then she becomes one of his concubines. She has never considered herself special, but she has something that make her a precious asset, an object of power. A son of hers could change forever the destiny of the Auclair family.
However, she is not willing to submit. She is determined to fight until her last breath to go back to her fiancé. If only she is able to avoid falling on her master's arms…

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Joan Queen 19.03.2020, 22:39:58

Love the story. More please

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