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Publication: 23.05.2022 — 23.05.2022

Description of book "Confession at the Altar"

Brooke Jackson thought she had everything: a fulfilling job, the home she'd always wanted, and the perfect fiancé. But no one likes her fiancé, her best friend warns her from getting married, and she seems to have an attraction to her fiancé's best friend.

Determined to prove everyone wrong, Brooke carries on with her wedding plans to Jasper. But things start spiralling even more out of control when her best friend reveals a shocking confession the night before her wedding. Then, a woman shows up at the altar to reveal a shocking secret about her fiancé.

As Brooke attempts to navigate her fiancé's dirty past, plus her best friend's shocking confession, she realises that everything she thought was perfect, isn't and it all started with a single confession at the altar.


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Nenye Nwabueze
02.07.2022, 19:31:04

So Luke is a gay (homosexual)? ain't there girls in London?

Alex Orchard
02.07.2022, 21:35:32

Nenye Nwabueze, Glad you enjoyed!

Nenye Nwabueze
02.07.2022, 20:48:24

The history really got me! I read the book in my computer and I opened another tab for history. Each history I come across, I read more about it...... To be frank, this piece of work really enlightened me on history, am now interested in it....... I really love your work it's a masterpiece!!

Alex Orchard
02.07.2022, 20:58:11

Nenye Nwabueze, Thank you so much!

Payal Pradhan
26.06.2022, 11:46:24

awesome work author

Alex Orchard
26.06.2022, 13:05:25

Payal Pradhan, Thank you so much!

15.06.2022, 12:09:22

I'm sorry to say but I feel like going to school and listening to history class though I can't resist listening to your story but still I I'm in my school

Alex Orchard
15.06.2022, 12:13:23

Keerthi, haha nothing wrong with a bit of history!

emma farnan
12.06.2022, 19:43:37

Loved it!

Alex Orchard
12.06.2022, 21:00:41

emma farnan, Thank you so much!

Vina Arie
07.06.2022, 12:39:23

woohoo number 1! you're so cool, luv.

Alex Orchard
07.06.2022, 14:33:14

Vina Arie, Thank you so much! ❤️

02.06.2022, 09:14:44

wow .... now I also feel i should read history.

Alex Orchard
02.06.2022, 13:52:59

Somya, Oh I feel you! I’ve always been an English creative. But I loved researching for this! Thank you so much for reading ❤️❤️

Emily cknight
29.05.2022, 18:32:17

Literally go for history professor like bruhh it's damn interesting the histories idk how you match them great story.

Alex Orchard
29.05.2022, 19:36:21

Emily cknight, Thank you so so much!

Christelle Bihege
28.05.2022, 14:39:21

I'm sure I will :-)!

28.05.2022, 11:18:38

great story dear and your history knowledge is commendable

Alex Orchard
28.05.2022, 11:25:28

KAVITA JAIN, Thanks ever so much!

Christelle Bihege
28.05.2022, 02:42:57

I added the book in my library. can't wait to read it! Good continuation dear author!

Alex Orchard
28.05.2022, 09:50:59

Christelle Bihege, Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy!

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