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There I was standing in the middle of football field in a white sun dress, A figure almost 6ft coming in my direction with open arms, once I saw who it is I started running and buried myself in his embrace. Placing his two fingers under my chin he slowly lifted my face and kissed me slowly but passionately suddenly I push him and the next words from my mouth shocked both of us. "Tejas, I'm sorry but I love ........!"

Join Avika in her search for the love of her life.
Avika Sharma - 17yr old chubby girl full of passion and lifts the mood of anyone with her humor. She has a huge crush on Tejas. Dreams about meeting him and marrying him but life is full of twists, right? Let's see if her dream comes true or not.....By the way who the hell is Arjun?

Join her journey!


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Jay Harry
08.08.2021, 17:11:07

I love the story, its nice, interesting, I can't wait to finish the book

Suhail rizvi
30.06.2021, 22:00:59

hello author i wanted to tell u that i LOVE your book it is sooooooo amazing and plz keep regular updates i wait for u and keep rereading the chapters as well!

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