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Convince me that you are innocent

Nina Amores

Story about:forced love, dystopian romance, false accusations

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#161 in Romance
#2 in Dystopia

Complete 304 pages

Publication: 15.12.2020 — 14.02.2021

Description of book "Convince me that you are innocent "

Alina was wrongfully accused of betraying the Good Regime. She is about to be executed when the authorities make a surprising discovery: Alina is one of the few remaining fertile women in this society.

Since humanity is on the brink of extinction they make Alina a deal: they will let her live and in return, she will be assigned to a male partner for reproductive purposes, becoming a Vase.

Vases are women that are forced to dedicate their lives to give society as many children as they can.

Alina takes the deal and she is assigned to Captain Gregory Galford, a national hero who dedicates his life to exterminate traitors like Alina and the most intimidating man she has ever met. Now Alina will have to live with him and see if she can convince him that she is innocent.

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Asha Farook 27.03.2021, 19:48:20

I can't buy a book through any of the options available... How to solve this issue...?

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Asha Farook 27.03.2021, 21:26:46

Nina Amores, Feedback given dear... Just hoping the problem would be solved before the book goes back to it's original price.

Precious Ria 17.03.2021, 17:04:10

Hello. I really loved reading this book. I wish to read further. Would you conduct giveaways for this book? I really hope i get to win this.

Bhaswati Devi 14.02.2021, 23:15:36

so many answers to questions left untold

Bhaswati Devi 14.02.2021, 22:45:09

I'll miss this book ❤️

Gena Elgie 14.02.2021, 20:14:03

Please be a book 2.... All fingers crossed.

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Bhaswati Devi 14.02.2021, 22:44:54

Gena Elgie, yes please!!!! I'm eager for it too

Bhaswati Devi 13.02.2021, 18:29:51

the chapter was full of "awww" moments!! (enter heart eyes)

AnnaRCase guru 10.02.2021, 02:47:34

Oh Nina! You had me biting my fingernails there. I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong before they show the letters in court... I hope Alina gets a chance to take the stand and bring Greta down!

Bhaswati Devi 09.02.2021, 18:22:20

hopefully you do Max

PUPETTO PUPETTO 09.02.2021, 15:36:09

hi please Can you update another chapter today i Can wait tomorrow i love your Book please

Mylaine Gapatan 08.02.2021, 17:47:19

how did greta knew about the bruise on alina's chin and the deal between thompson and greg. hmmn, something fishy..

Bhaswati Devi 08.02.2021, 16:16:16

no Alina don't misunderstand Gregory :(

Mary Kubai 08.02.2021, 15:01:53

It's so sweet

Ann Ameloko Kadiri 08.02.2021, 01:03:45

how is Alina going to get the letters out of the house?

temitope Yussuf 07.02.2021, 13:46:32

Fantastic novel, I don't have domicile account would have subscribed, kindly permit to read for free, thank

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Nina Amores 07.02.2021, 14:32:45

Comment has been deleted

Bhaswati Devi 07.02.2021, 12:52:32

I can feel Alina :'(

Chatura Nagarjuna 05.02.2021, 21:17:01

The story is simply superb.... if possible make it free ....

Mylaine Gapatan 05.02.2021, 14:53:47

I'm not going to bed until i read your update. every chapter is interesting. super love this book of yours.

Angel Akakpo 05.02.2021, 11:03:32

Poor Alina

Gena Elgie 04.02.2021, 02:51:36

This book is AMAZING!!!!!!! I check all the time for updates. You always leaving me to wanting more. Thank you for writting this book and sharing your AMAZING mind and hard work you put in this book. Again thank you sooooo much.

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Gena Elgie 04.02.2021, 04:43:05

Nina Amores, your welcome

Miah Imam-Naval 25.01.2021, 21:09:18

Hello! Did u took off the Book titled Flowers for Olivia??

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Miah Imam-Naval 29.01.2021, 09:31:18

Nina Amores, Oh! The story was awesome. I felt bad bout it

Roy Nakachwa Kato 28.01.2021, 19:28:53


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Roy Nakachwa Kato 29.01.2021, 05:47:26

Nina Amores, i totally totally enjoy every bit of it

Bhaswati Devi 27.01.2021, 16:48:12

oowwwhhhhh I like this attitude of Gregory B)

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Bhaswati Devi 29.01.2021, 05:31:35

Nina Amores, yes our sexy Captian!! hehe

Maria Zurayda Joplo Soratos 28.01.2021, 17:24:51

Love this book. When will be the next chapters be free to red

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 29.01.2021, 05:01:45

Maria Zurayda Joplo Soratos, Hi! Im trying to update everyday, all the new chapters are under bookscription

Angelic Emman 25.01.2021, 02:50:07

This story seems so intresting!! Well done fellow!

[Ps. my sister's name is also Alina and idk why I'm imagining her here, haha]

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 29.01.2021, 05:00:27

Angelic Emman, Thank you :)

Mylaine Gapatan 22.01.2021, 14:13:22

my regret to purchase an incomplete story. thought the author can update daily.. hayz!!

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Mylaine Gapatan 23.01.2021, 03:19:43

Nina Amores, oh, i'm sorry! i'm just annoyed because i love this story very very much that i can't wait for the next chapters.

Helen Buyagan 20.01.2021, 12:39:27

How to buy this book

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 20.01.2021, 16:32:35

Helen Buyagan, Hi! Click on the button that says Bookscription and it will guide you step by step through the process ;)

Bohemian at Heart 20.01.2021, 09:52:17

The Good Regime is not so Good afterall! There is always a solid reason why people rebel. She may not be a Salamander, but the intolerance of Good Regime will surely make her one. Salamanders may need to save Alina now that Galford too hates her.

Bhaswati Devi 20.01.2021, 01:10:47

poor Alina :(

Ann Ameloko Kadiri 19.01.2021, 22:10:36

hello Nina, aren't you updating daily anymore?

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Nina Amores 19.01.2021, 22:53:29

Ann Ameloko Kadiri, Hi! Sorry I've been a little busy, but the new chapter is up now :) I'll try to continue with the daily updates.

Graciela Daniels 19.01.2021, 16:12:16

The story is amazing but you are updating few chapters,why sell the book unfinished

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Nina Amores 19.01.2021, 17:26:07

Graciela Daniels, Hi! It is call a bookscription, it is very common here at Booknet maybe you are new and are not familiar with it. A bookscription is when you pay for a book in process, once the book is done it usually costs more but if you pay the bookscription you will have full access to the complete story even if the price goes up when its done. I am trying to update every day so I don't keep you waiting long.

Rafidah Asan 17.01.2021, 17:31:09

Hi. This story is amazing

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Rafidah Asan 17.01.2021, 17:31:40

Rafidah Asan, Are you going to update today?

Marites Salimbangon 15.01.2021, 13:24:18

This is one story that I never regret paying for a bookscription, why? the story is nice and the author always update, thanks and take care.

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Nina Amores 15.01.2021, 15:16:23

Marites Salimbangon, Thank you! Im glad you are enjoying it :)

PUPETTO PUPETTO 12.01.2021, 16:34:07

hi i love your Book but please Can you update long chapter and also not about nanny and ministery of women plus about Alina and captain love you

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PUPETTO PUPETTO 13.01.2021, 10:09:12

Nina Amores, thank you for your Replay keep going i love your Book

Mylaine Gapatan 09.01.2021, 11:02:20

how to purchase in philippine peso?

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Nina Amores 10.01.2021, 01:10:36

Mylaine Gapatan, Behind the READ button theres one that says bookscrption, click there and it will show you three different options to access the book once you select one then it will give you different payment options according to your region.

Balqisss 09.01.2021, 12:35:23

Hi nina . Sorry for asking , where's the flowers for olivia book? I'm eager waiting for the next chapters ? I've searched but i didn't find that book . Are you delete that book ? :"(

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 09.01.2021, 17:31:49

Balqisss, Hi, I had to delete it because it is in another platform and by contract I couldnt have it in here for free and booknet doesn't allow you to have more than 2 bookscriptions at a time so I had no choice but to delete it so I wouldnt breach my other contract. I am sorry for that, im kind of disappointed too :/ I invite you to read this story which is also very exciting

Hanamichi Oremalliv` 08.01.2021, 13:34:25

pa snd nalang ibahj pag may uba nahhh...salamat nalang sa pag snd.....sana marami pahh......nice naman

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Nina Amores 08.01.2021, 18:16:39

Hanamichi Oremalliv`, Sorry, I don’t speak your language :) only english and spanish

Bhaswati Devi 04.01.2021, 15:46:14

it is truly said that when you wait for something, it takes longer to arrive. the same thing is happening with me..tbh I have checked almost 20 times for the new update in past few minutes.. ufffffffffff I'm becoming anxious! update soon

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Bhaswati Devi 05.01.2021, 18:16:10

Nina Amores, yeah :) this book is being a solemn reason for me checking booknet often now!!

AnnaRCase guru 31.12.2020, 19:59:12

Someone is a fan of The Handmaids Tale I see. I get Janine vibes from your Charlotte, Elizabeth is Moira esq, and dare I say Alina will involve into a more fiery spirit like June:) As for your Captain, he's way more Commander Lawrence-ish than that ahole Waterford. I'm guessing Max is like Nick, so perhaps a little side romance huh;) I mean Max is closer to her age, but also the reason for her current predicament. I'll be reading and waiting to see where it goes.

Bhaswati Devi 29.12.2020, 19:27:23

it was a cute update ❤️

Precious Ria 29.12.2020, 12:32:39

Hey ! congratulations on setting this book on sale. I loved reading it.I'm sure this book will be a success.I'm not working yet or else i would have subscribed it, i know its worth it. And wishing you a very happy new year.Tc.

Ifunanya Chianonde 29.12.2020, 08:42:34

please make this your book(convince me that you are innocent) free I don't want to stop halfway, use it as an Xmas gift for us

Natasa Salcevic 28.12.2020, 23:42:09

why now a bookcsription ,you could have started from the begining shame,im so frustrated when people do that shame for the story i relly liked it

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 28.12.2020, 23:56:16

Natasa Salcevic, Hi! You cant have a bookscription from the start because the story has to meet certain requirements first. I am sorry you feel that way, if you change your mind the story is far from over and it will have many exciting chapter. It will be worth it. :)

Barbara Gates 28.12.2020, 21:19:23

It says its free. But then I get to chapter it says author has limited to this chapter. How do I unlock it?

The last comment in the thread:

Nina Amores 28.12.2020, 23:34:50

Barbara Gates, Hi! Behind the READ button there is another one that says BOOKSCRIPTION. Click there and it will show you the payment options :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the story

Barbara Gates 28.12.2020, 20:43:34

How do I get to unlock. no price comes up to buy.

Gena Elgie 28.12.2020, 12:20:10

I am a little angry. I paid and now I have to pay again!!! Grrrrr

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Gena Elgie 28.12.2020, 19:28:23

Nina Amores, Thank you for a amazing book.

Bhaswati Devi 28.12.2020, 17:45:43

I'm so into this book that I bought bookcription right away.. hope you will keep on giving us more exciting chapters everyday. With love! ❤️

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Bhaswati Devi 28.12.2020, 18:08:31

Nina Amores, I'm eagerly waiting :)

Dnyanesh shahare 28.12.2020, 17:05:32

Why u added bookscription

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Nina Amores 28.12.2020, 17:34:04

Dnyanesh shahare, Hi, I am sorry that you are upset. Writing is hard and it takes a lot of time, authors deserve to get remuneration for their work. I promise you the story is worth it and I'll keep up with the frequent updates.

Vjay Min 28.12.2020, 12:19:38

why did u start bookscription??I am very upset.i like this story very much

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Dnyanesh shahare 28.12.2020, 16:56:43

Nina Amores, Why

Vinita Nair 28.12.2020, 14:08:06

Hey if this book was paid subscription, it could have been mentioned earlier

Priya Basak 27.12.2020, 20:41:57

Now I'm feeling little happy for Alina

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