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Corporate Babies - Scarlett

NM Rudman

Series: Corporate Babies

Story about:mistaken identity, pregnancy betrayal billionaire and love, construction baby

Age restriction: 18+

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#548 in Romantic suspense
#3915 in Romance

Complete 23 pages

Publication: 21.03.2021 — 15.11.2021

Description of book "Corporate Babies - Scarlett"

I met a guy, we had a good time together but I got pregnant, he left to get me some midnight fudge ice-cream and never came back. I found out he owns a construction company. I dressed as a construction worker while 8 months pregnant, not my finest moment. But this isn't Blaine Carter that I know, the question is, where is he? or more importantly who is my baby daddy?

I've been receiving credit card bills for a few weeks now, I'm getting fed up with the whole thing but now a construction worker goes into labor on my site while accusing me of impregnating her but I've never met her before. So either she's lying or something is amiss, worse than i realized.


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Zara Claflin
08.11.2021, 12:07:50

since my mind had gotten completely blank I started to read books here and I'm so glad to say this book keeps me thinking about the scenarios I would have never even thought off. keep it up girl! you doing great!

NM Rudman
13.11.2021, 08:51:52

Zara Claflin, Thank you for that, I really appreciate it, I have some zombie books that is great for getting the heart racing :D

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