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Kat Thomas

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thriller romance, finding romance, finding oneself


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Publication: 22.05.2020 — 22.05.2020

Description of book "Crash"

She found herself in a new place with no friends and only a few co-workers. When she let her guard down she finds herself in the middle of a major plot and only her new friend can see the whole picture. Faking a relationship may be her only way forward in her journey of safety. However what was supposed to be fake turns into the love of a lifetime.

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Vicky Akindeju 11.07.2020, 23:10:11

good story line. thanks for the write up. more knowledge.

Amita Tartey 01.06.2020, 16:09:28

You Kat are a breath of fresh air! I have no words to explain how much I liked reading this story and how much I fell in love with both the lead characters. Very different storyline, yet very do you do it? And ending the Book while explaining the Title "Crash"....Oh...there cudnt have been a better high to the closing! Awesome work...Congratulations and Best wishes!

91cc76e5dcaecb87 28.05.2020, 15:53:19

So so awesome.well detailed!!!!Keep up the good work.This is so Amazing!!!!WELL DONE!!!!!!

Lily Goloh 25.05.2020, 11:43:03

You're a fan of anime., I see

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Kat Thomas 25.05.2020, 19:38:08

Actually no, I am a fam of history

Black Daisy 23.05.2020, 06:56:29

Author Kat is this the prequel to "into the Darkness"

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Kat Thomas 23.05.2020, 07:03:16

No. I have used the same character names in a lot of my stories. Mitsuhide and Kit are staples. Unless they are said to be either a prequel or sequel they are just stand alone stories.

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