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Description of book "Craving Hearts"

"You are mine," he said as his rough fingers met with my lower lips and he was stroking it with his fingers.

"Even if you like him or you like the way he talked with you, you are mine. Understood?" he asked and I flinched hearing his tone.

"Tell me do you like him?" he asked once again but I didn't answer him.

I was afraid by this side of him.

I was leaving but he held my wrist and pushed me against the wall.

"You are mine Mrs. Naina Singhania," he said and even though I tried to control my tears but it rolled down my cheek.

"I hate you," I said and he tried to wipe my tears with his fingers but I pushed his hand.


"I hate you," I shouted once again before he could say anything.

Follow the journey of Mr. And Mrs. Singhania.


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Prabhjyot Kaur
16.01.2022, 14:00:28

Woah, that was deep talk by Ranveer

Saniya Antony
15.01.2022, 18:12:41

Update plzz

Richa Thakkar
15.01.2022, 08:07:55

Exited for the next chapter :) :)

apurva rohini
14.01.2022, 06:04:23


Prabhjyot Kaur
13.01.2022, 01:49:40

Yay , I'm excited to read it after seeing the Annotation

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